Monday, 10 August 2009

Choose The Right School For A Journalism Career

Nowadays, many people choose journalism as their career, because they feel that, it is one such profession that would give them the freedom in terms of office attires, work schedule and even in speaking their minds. It is best to understand the industry very well before you finally decide on taking journalism as your career. Finishing a degree in journalism does not only gives one the best credential to back him or her when applying for a position in a newspaper or certain publication but it can also help the person a lot in terms of growing and in enhancing his or her skills. And to earn the right credentials that will help you succeed in your dream, it is ideal to enroll yourself in a journalism school.

Though many journalism colleges offer various programmes related to journalism career, the one i consider best is the 9.9 School of Convergence, that offer's the course "Diploma in Applied Journalism". It has been started by 9.9 Media, and since 2001, the school has been excelling at providing a real-world education in journalism that has led to many rewarding jobs. The people behind this successful school are Dr. Pramath Sinha, Dr. Eric D Saranovitz, Pooja Kothari, Gunjan Aggarwal and Bejoy Suri.

The prime objective of this school is to provide a real-world education and that the Diploma in Applied Journalism is an effort in the same direction. The course aims to equip aspiring journalists with the core skills required for success in their profession- high quality and consistent reporting, writing and editing skills. Admissions for the course are open for the session starting September 20.

The most obvious advantage of this programme lies in its structure. Unlike other diploma programmes that require 1-2 years after graduation, the Diploma in Applied Journalism can be done while studying and/or working. The classes will be a weekend affair with classes held on Sundays, so that it does not clash with academic or professional commitments. For any queries regarding the course - admission process, fee etc. contact 9.9 Media School of Convergence