Thursday, 16 July 2009

The All New Moser Baer MP565-2 G Music Player

With a slew of cheap music players being hawked on the streets, it is tough to zero in on a trustworthy product. Moser Baer comes to our rescue with the MP565-2 G, its latest MP3 player. With a high-contrast LCD display and seven-colour backlight, it sure looks smart.

It has a 2 GB integrated flash memory and supports FM radio. Unlike low-end products, it can play most popular audio file formats. It uses the plug-and-play principle (no software needed) and can work on Windows Vista, XP, 2000 or ME and Macintosh OS X. Moser Baer MP565-2 G is priced at Rs 1,490.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Samsung Marine

A submersible mobile phone, Samsung Marine provides water protection up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes.Encased in anti-shock material, Samsung Marine can withstand bumps, bangs, scrapes, dust and water.

The phone is adaptable for even the toughest environments -- including rain, fog, humidity, sand, and extreme temperatures. The Marine is equipped with outdoor friendly features such as external speakers, noise cancellation and a flash light.

Multimedia features include a built-in camera, camcorder, FM radio, a music player, and expandable memory up to 8GB. The phone is priced at Rs 7,030 and available in two colours. javascript:void(0)
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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nikon D3X

Easily the market’s most compelling professional digital SLR for studio and landscape shoots. But that price tag is scary! Nikon’s D3X is a stunner. But not because of its whopping 24.5-meg image resolution (yes it is double of what most DSLRs offer but pixels aren’t everything, are they?) and not because of the blazing speed (5 frames per sec) at which it captures precise action shots, say a hooper slamming a dunk.

No sir, the D3X is a winner simply for its superb image quality, and the consistency it delivers even in tough conditions. We tested it with hundreds of shots in broad daylight and low light with an array of lenses from super-telephoto to super-wide ...

The results were outstanding. We zoomed in and zoomed in to intricate details... And there were no distortions! Its large, advanced full-frame image sensor captures more photons (light particles) in less time, throwing up sharper, cleaner images with less digital noise. It is perfect for mural-sized gallery prints. But it comes at a cost that is tough to justify. If Nikon can lower the price tag, it can save this camera from becoming a mere showpiece. Nikon DX3 is priced at a whopping Rs 5,24,950.