Sunday, 9 August 2009

Made in China : iPhone Nano

Internet world has been abuzz about Apple launching iPhone Nano for quite sometime. Every few months, grapevines suggest Apple working on a Nano version of iPhone. In fact, only last month a new patent filed by Apple again fueled iPhone Nano rumors. But all these so far remain mere speculations, with no official confirmation.

However, in faraway Shenzhen (China) an iPhone Nano has actually hit the shelves. The made in China iPhone Nano is widely available in the country including on online stores (may be you can check our own grey markets too!). These iPhone Nano models available from several Chinese companies offer several high-end features and come at an attractive price tag.

Here’s looking into the Chinese avatar of iPhone Nano.

Display and dimensions
* Display: 2.4 inch touchscreen LCD, 260 thousand color; 240 x 320px

* Dimensions: 105x55x10mm (LxWxH)

* Language: English, Chinese (Simplified)

* MP3 & MP4 player

* FM radio

Camera & connectivity
* 5 MP Camera, with video recording;

* ROM: 512MB

* Data Transfer: USB cable/ card-reader/Bluetooth (file transmission, voice, stereo)

* Lithium batteries

Miscellaneous features
* Supports caller’s picture option, group ring tone; 64 chord ring tone

* Telephone directories: 300 groups of contacts

* Messages: Supports both SMS and MMS (150 messages, MMS)

* Schedule power on/off: Supports auto start/close

Pricing and colours
* Standby time: 220-260 hours

* Talk time: 120-180 minutes

* Colours available: Black and silver

* Price $90

Source : TOI


Guest said...

Cool gadget. China really makes good immitations.

sweete said...

So nice mobile, colourful display..nano phones are innovative

chinasoftwaredevelopment said...

Congratulations. China is a strong competition for the Japanese or Korean companies in this field, and they should take advantage of the potential companies developing software for iphones have.