Thursday, 1 July 2010

Now enjoy HD Webcam streaming on your Skype

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ever since I began using Skype to make video calls to my friends and family, I was worried of the poor video quality of the webcams i used. I even tried with the best webcams available at the stores, but all were at wit's end! Then I came to know of some HD webcams sold in the market, such as Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000, but they cannot stream true HD quality over Internet. Their HD quality can only be accomplished locally and thus we cannot achieve HD quality internet video calls using these models.

It was at this point of time that I stumbled upon a webcam shopping site - the faceVision on line store. The site boasts of a new webcam called the faceVsion TouchCam V1, that can stream HD video calls over the Internet. The site was so pleasing to me, that I bought the webcam and found that it had some extremely astonishing features that i never thought could be possible in a webcam.
  • The FV touchcam N1 is the world’s first Skype-certified webcam capable of delivering full screen 720p streaming video over the Internet. 
  • The TouchCam N1 features embedded hardware H.264 encoding, a chip that takes the 720p video and using high-quality encoding technology, squeezes the video into a stream small enough to be sent over a typical Internet connection. 
  • The N1 also features a best-in-class 78 degree super wide angle lens with fast auto-focus, so several people can comfortably get into the picture. 
  • The N1 attaches easily to most notebook computers or flat-panel displays and can also sit on a desktop. Easy plug- and-play installation via hi-speed USB 2.0.
  • FV touchcam N1is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls.
  • FV touchcam is available through and other value added partners.
  • It can be used for video calling between friends and family, business associates, even your clients
There is also another version available, called the FV ExpressCombo which has advanced features than the touchcam. Try these webcams to experience the world of HD. Good Luck...!!!

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