Sunday, 25 July 2010

Get the New Rupee Symbol On Your PC

With India announcing a new symbol for its currency - Rupee, people have been working overtime to bring it to the next obvious place your PC.

A Mangalore based company Foradian Technologies has already made a new font available for users who would like to use the new Rupee symbol on their computers. While the sign may take time to be adopted by Unicode, that doesn't mean you should not be using the font all the while.

The font, available for download here. Foradian has also posted instructions as to how the Rupee symbol can be used in your computer for various applications including MS Excel, Lotus Notes, Silverlight, Blend and Visual Studio. They even have versions for Linux and Mac users.

Foraadian's posterous blog has all the details you need to use the new Rupee symbol on your PC.