Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Power of Emergency Number 112

112 is the emergency telephone number in the European Union member states, the Republic of Colombia (South America) and worldwide (on GSM mobile networks). Whenever you are struck in an unknown place with no network and if you are in any emergency, just dial this SOS(Save Our Souls) number 112, for emergency support. It will connect you to the nearest GSM provider irrespective of which connection or what handset you own. This number can be dialed even when your keypad is locked. Almost all EU Countries have already implemented 112 and can be dialled free of charge. In other countries the number will be redirected to the emergency number of their respective countries, for example dialling 112 in the US will be re-directed to 911, in Australia to 000 and in India to 100.
For more information on this topic click here : 1-1-2



Prabhu said...

hey thanks for ur advice........

i won't copy any content surely.....

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Anonymous said...

hey...,911 has the same power as 112.., just try it out and see.., its helps u in most needed and emergency occassion....,