Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Get Free Web Training & Certification From Sun Microsystems

Hey i'll tell you a way by which you can spend your free time in some useful means. There are many cerified courses available for free on the Internet. And what not, you can get yourself a free Sun Certification. Sun offers Sun Student Courses where students around the world can get free web training on the newest and coolest technologies. Once you complete the course requirements you can receive a free certificate.

All you have to do is just sign up here Sun Student Courses

After you have successfully signed up, You will be taken to the list of available courses.

Sun offers the following courses :
1)Introduction to Sun SPOTs
2)Real World Technologies: NetBeans GUI Builder, JRuby, JavaFX, and JavaME
3)Introduction to Solaris and opensolaris.org
The above courses are in English. It also offers a course in Russian
4)Операционная система Solaris

This is the certificate i recieved from from Sun after i finished the first course. Currently i am doing the second course.


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