Friday, 21 May 2010

Internet cloud is future: Microsoft

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said that the technology giant that built a fortune with packaged software is betting the future of computing is in the Internet "cloud."

"Cloud computing represents the next frontier," Ballmer said at an annual gathering of corporate chief executives at Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington.

"We've been betting or investing in the cloud for about ten years and in earnest for about six or seven years."

Cloud computing gained momentum during the economic downturn as people and businesses saved money by using applications hosted online instead of buying, installing and maintaining software on their own machines.

"There is incredible opportunity in the cloud," Ballmer said.

Microsoft sees cloud computing as playing roles in its investments in personal computers, smartphones, and Internet-enabled television.


bartley said...

It is to be noted that, every one does not think about cloud as it was heard yesterday. But with a small leap of hardware wireless and new GUI methods, Cloud will be a superstar among computation.

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Revon said...

I really like to gospel about cloud. There are vast possibilities available. still many thinks that cloud has no potential. I say it is the revolution for the way we approach to technology.. So I can say just look forward. Its technology is in your finger tip.

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