Friday, 15 January 2010

Facebook to give McAfee security to all users

Facebook, in collaboration with McAfee is going to provide all of its 350 million users with a free six-month security trail pack of McAfee's INternet Security Suite.

The popular social networking site Facebook has taken this step after various cyber attacks such as the 'Koobface virus'.

Facebook said that a scanning tool will also be provided to its users whose computers have fallen prey or show signs of being attacked. This scanning tool is also being offered without any cost as such. The new scanning tool is available immediately for English-language users of Facebook, with versions for other languages coming soon.

After the 6-month trial period, the subscription will be available at a discount for Facebook users.

This will protect users from online threats such as hackers, viruses, trojans, spyware etc.

"We feel like we've done a great job in protecting our network and accounts on Facebook, but we're always looking at ways we can do better," said Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt.

Facebook users in the United States, Britain, France and eight other countries have immediately access to the free version of McAfee Internet Security Suite, with additional countries to come through the first three months of the year. Those in India might have to wait just a little bit linger.