Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Windows 7 Starter: No 3 app limit

Microsoft Corp, the world’s largest software maker, plans to remove a restriction on the basic version of Windows 7 that would have limited users to running only three programmes at a time. The announcement, made on the Redmond, Washington-based company’s blog yesterday, eliminates one of the most significant differences between Windows 7 Starter Edition and pricier version of the operating system. Customers will be able to run as many programs simultaneously as they like, Microsoft said.

“These changes will make Windows 7 Starter an even more attractive option for customers who want a small notebook PC for very basic tasks, like browsing the Web, checking e-mail and personal productivity,” Microsoft said.

Windows 7 Starter is designed for cheaper PCs, especially small notebooks or so-called netbooks. Microsoft plans to offer several versions of Windows 7, and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said in February that the company would make sure that consumers could “trade up” to pricier versions. Windows accounts for 28 percent of Microsoft’s $60.4 billion in annual revenue.

Windows 7 Starter edition will still lack features in the other versions of the operating system, such as the ability to play DVDs, use more than one monitor, or change desktop backgrounds and window colors, Microsoft said.

Microsoft plans to start selling Windows 7 by the year-end holiday season.