Thursday, 28 May 2009

How will third-gen iPhone look like

The Web world is abuzz with rumours that Apple is all set to unveil a new iPhone. All that the tech giant has hinted from its side is that the coming World Developers Conference on June 8th will be all about Mac OS X and iPhone.

Little doubt then that the rumour mill is working overtime on how the new iPhone will look like and the features it will have. So here's digging into the raging iPhone rumours to find out how the new iPhone may look like.

On the looks front, the new iPhone is likely to sport same dimensions as that of the current model. Though a few cosmetic changes may show up. Some speculation suggests that the new device may do away with the metal border.

It is also being anticipated that the present smooth plastic back may be replaced by a treaded rubber-type back, similar to that of BlackBerry.

Rumors also suggest that the Apple logo may be light up just like the illuminated Apple logo on the back of the notebook line. The light will be white in colour and will remain on while the iPhone is powered on.

3.2 megapixel camera and video recording
Speculations are rife that the iPhone 3.0 will pack a 3.2 megapixel camera with the ability to focus the lens as a new feature. The device may also pack video recording capabilities, a sorely missed out feature in the iPhone 2.0. It may offer onboard video-editing capabilities too.

Last year when Apple launched iPhone 2.0 it was expected that the device will have a higher-resolution camera and a possible support for digital video recording. However, 3G iPhone disappointed with the same 2 megapixel camera and no video recording option. Flash and optical zoom too were missing.

However, Web is abuzz will rumours that Apple may take cue from other smartphone rivals who offer between 5 and 8 megapixel camera resolution.

OLED screen
Another big change that the new iPhone is likely to introduce is in display. The third-generation iPhone is likely to have OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) screen display. The OLED display will replace the current LCD screen. The biggest advantage of an OLED screen is that it will boost the battery life of the device.

However, analysts also feel that Apple may have to rework the pricing point if it introduces OLED screen as OLED screens are quite expensive. The OLED screen may offer a 640 x 960 resolution.

32GB model
The rumor mill also suggests that the present 8GB and 16GB iPhone models will be replaced by 16GB and 32GB versions. However, the devices may maintain the $199 and $299 price points (unless as mentioned above the device introduces OLED screen).

In India, Apple sells its 8GB model at Rs 31,000 (appox) while the 16GB model comes with a price tag of Rs 36,000 (approx).

It is expected that the processor will go from a 400 MHz to a 600 MHz, and that the smartphone will go from 128MB to 256MB. This will improve the overall speed of the iPhone. Also, the new OS is expected to be faster.

1.5x battery life
Apple fans are hopeful that the iPhone 3.0 will pack improved battery. Also because of the OLED display, the device may pack a higher version.

OLED displays use less energy so the new iPhone's battery life should be better than the less than the battery life of the iPhone 3G. The new model is rumored to have 1.5 times the battery life of the current model.

Yes, cut-copy-paste will be there for sure. The new iPhone 3.0 software adds this one of the most sorely missed feature in the existing iPhone 2.0.

Apple said the third generation of iPhone software will let users copy information from notes and Web pages, and let people move text between different applications. Users who erroneously paste text can shake the iPhone to get an option to cut it.

MMS feature
MMS messages option is the top most anticipated features expected in the Apple iPhone 3.0. Apple iPhone 3.0 will offer multimedia messaging capability with the new 3.0 software allowing users to send each other photographs from the phone.

Earlier, users could send text messages or snapshots via email only.

While unveiling the new operating system software, iPhone OS 3.0, Apple said that the iPhone will become a full-fledged GPS device with iPhone 3.0.

The new upgrade will enable users to receive turn-by-turn instructions for driving similar to those in use on GPS navigation devices. The feature will be available through apps.