Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hottest accessories for your gadgets

For many professionals, work means wearing a serious outlook to the workplace. With such a mindset, the clothes, gadgets and the accessories start to don a dull, drab and boring look.

But for the daring and young at heart, there are many options available to spruce up the way you carry yourself to work and still be taken seriously by your boss.

The point is an individual no longer needs to suppress his style statement in favour of straight-at your face office fashion.

You can start by adding colour to your clothes, carry some trendy office gear, add a few accessories and still maintain your office look by keeping it fresh, simple and fashionable. Here are a few things which you can add to jazz up your boring office look.

Trendy laptop bags
On an average, 90 per cent of office-goers choose to stick with the plain black leather bag which comes with the laptop. Some can however opt for the tote bag with a pocket section for the laptop.

But laptop bags now-a-days come in some very trendy colours. You can pick the hue you like or in fact match it with your dress and carry the laptop along.

Laptop bags also come in polyester fabrics. You can personalise it by choosing the look of the front cover or by going for an adjustable shoulder strap.

You could also opt for the handheld bag or across the shoulder traditional option to carry the laptop.

Funky cellphone pouches
Cellphone pouches can not only keep your mobile phone scratch free, but they can also add a bit of zing and style to your overall look.

Cellphone pouches which are printed with attractive patterns are available in affordable price range. The best thing is to customise it.

You can choose to display your kid’s picture or your pet’s picture or even a favourite holiday location or settle for an oriental look.

These pouches can be hung around the neck or held in hand. Whichever way you choose to carry it, with a little customisation, you are bound to get people turning to watch that cell phone or shall we say the cellphone user.

iPod covers
For music lovers, their iPods can now remain unscratched with the iPod sock covers. They are soft to touch and come in different colours and are very handy.

They can help keep the moisture at bay too. If you like to use leather pouches, go for bright colours or the high quality polycarbonate plastic, which are fashionable and also easy to clean.

This one’s for women. Since they carry a mini world in their handbag, the laptop bag for them can also convert into a small make-up bag or a book holder.

Women can opt for a bag, which is a combination of fashion with function. Go for sleek and compact bags, with enough room for your makeup, cellphone, PDA and power cords.

But avoid career killers
Even though it looks good to be trendy and stylish, but there are a few things which you need to keep in mind.

You can keep your laptop safe and secure by going for a case which has thin quilting with hidden layers of thick foam and sturdy elastic straps. This is what is called fashion with a utilitarian twist.

Colour also plays a big part in keep up the professional image. Traditional career colours work well with pants, suits, skirts and shoes and mix well with softer colours. So if the office environment is very formal it’s advisable to go for trendy muted tones accessories.

Slouchy handbags give a very sloppy image. It’s better to choose structured styles that project an organised and clean crisp image. But keep in mind that unlike a fashion faux pas, a career killer outfit and accessory can do permanent damage to your professional image.

So go and play with colours, add a couple of trendy accessories and still maintain your professional look by keeping it fresh and fashionable to office.