Saturday, 10 November 2007

Shakira - A Short Biography

Full name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

Born on: Wednesday 2 of February of 1,977, in the Clinic Asuncio'n de Barranquilla

Parents: William Mebarak and Nidia Ripoll

Place: Barranquilla - COLOMBIA -

Sign: aquarium

Favourite food: the Arab, the seafood, chocolates

Color: black

Music: merengue and sauce

Singer: Janis Joplin, Carole King and Cindy Lauper

Aroma: it hemstitches

Clothes: unreliable person

Perfume: Issey Miyake

Height: 1,50 mts

Weight: 48 kg

Number of footwear: 35

Hero: Jesus

Favorite flower: “the one that gives to me sincerely” (daisies, sunflowers, white roses…)

Favourite gifts: books

Aspirations: to be happy and for making happy to others

Favorite band: U2

hobbies: to work the clay

Her defects: confused, strong, perfeccionista, impuntual character.

Her virtues: amiable, patient with fans, terribly photogenic, delicate hands,

radiating smile.

Instruments that she executes: harmonica and guitar.

The maximum desire: “to leave track in this one world”.

Her dreams: with having a house in the beach and eating seafood with her husband and children.

Men: morochos, muscular and sport.

Her ideal man is far from the prototype of the blond modelito.

Favourite actor: Hugh Grant

Latin favorite group: Stereo soda water

Collection: She likes the wide ring, has more than 200. A hoop in the navel was put.

What she does not like: To make up itself.

Hour to rise: 11 a.m.

In order to lie down: 3 of the dawn.

Figure of trousers: 8, just as the blouse.

Better friends: My parents.

Another profession: Psychology or astronomy.

An author: Oriana Falacci.

How to duer to me: On guard fetal.

With whom: Epa! You did not prepare me for that answer. Dejame to reflect "… solita.

Fiancès: In the past, Oscar Ulloa, Brown Oscar, Gustavo Gordillo and Osvaldo Ríos.

And in the present: Antonio de la Rúa